Reef Stakes® takes to UNIMAS!

On the 12th Feb 2019, Reef Stakes® was  invited to run a gaming session at MyCapsule lab, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, UNIMAS.

Spot us!

Jointly organized by Dr Aazani Mujahid and Dr Jacey Lynn, from Creative Culture team in UNIMAS, the whole-day session was conducted to understand gamified learning. This unorthodox learning concept uses games as teaching tool to enhance the learning experience.  We are glad that the game received overwhelming response and managed to engage wide ranging stakeholders which included students from UNIMAS, and members of NGOs, WCS-Malaysia and WWF-Malaysia.

Reef Stakes® was also involved in the developing more games during the session in the afternoon. Our co-founder Edmund created a game called Belut dan Sampan, which was inspired by snake and ladders to introduce issues on river pollution.

The future of learning is indeed in through gaming!

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