Building the table top gaming community with Reef Stakes®

Whilst developing Reef Stakes, we chanced upon the existence of the Table Top Game Designers Malaysia (TTGDMY) group on Facebook.

Unaware of its existence until we started Reef Stakes®, TTGDMY is a group for Malaysian table top game designers (anyone who is in the process or is in designing games) to meet and network.

So being the ‘kepoh’ people that we are, we thought it would be a good idea to drop by. And boy were we surprised. It was indeed amazing to see so many other creative Malaysians out there! For the other designers, they were similarly surprised but extremely happy to know that environmental themed designers are now embarking on the gaming industry too.


We were also overjoyed to see that we weren’t the only environmental themed games at the the meeting. Other than us, the creators of RIMBA – a wildlife themed game were present. You can check them out here.


The Reef Stakes® team hopes to see TTGDMY continue to build a community and help us improve the game for a wider crowd! Let’s bring designers, game-makers, players or even just hobbyists together for the love of table top games!


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