Reef Stakes® Corals Alive! contest winners announced on World Oceans Day 2019!

This World Oceans Day, Reef Stakes® team is proud to announce the winners of the #CoralsAlive contest.

The winners walk away with an exclusive limited edition Reef Stakes: Living Coral edition deck.

First up, we have Hui Ling Oh, the winner of our Most Creative Caption category.

Hui Ling shared about how ghost nets can be harmful to marine life.

And as for the winner for the Most Liked on Social Media category, the winner is the Swinburne Sarawak Green Club.

The club shared their feelings when conducting beach clean-ups to rid beautiful beaches of Kuching from marine debris. We’re glad that fellow youth are walking the talk and hope one day too, there will no longer be beach clean-ups by changing our consumption patterns.

The team would like extend our thanks to all who have participated in this year’s contest.

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