Game On Lah! with Reef Stakes®

Lat tali lat tali tam pom! Pepsi cola! Do these phrases ring a bell?

How about teng teng, galah panjang, gasing, guli, batu Seremban and congkak?

Or perhaps dam Haji, Saidina, snakes and ladders?

Do you remember receiving mom’s scolding when your white school shirt was drenched with sweat and your white shoes was stained black? If you giggled reading this, I am sure you were born in the 80’s and your childhood was awesome and filled with much joy.

Reminiscing these joyful moments, LOCCO (a Malaysian social community group) together with Table Top Game Designers Malaysia (TTGDMY) held an event promoting local Malaysian made games, including board and card games – #GameOnLah! Besides promoting and uplifting local gaming community, #GameOnLah also attempts to highlight these locally made games as tourism products.

Going with a Back to School theme, GameOnLah! was held on the day after Valentine’s, showcasing 10 locally created games, along with numerous traditional Malaysian games at the Malaysian Tourism Information Centre (MaTIC), Kuala Lumpur. Reef Stakes® was proud to be among the board/card games to run gaming sessions alongside Drama Pukul 7, Kaki Lima, Lepak Game, BonDing, Rimba, Vagrant Dash, Empayar, and Monster Hero Academy.

Reliving the Back to School theme, the event kicked off with an opening à la school assembly style with speeches from the ‘Headmaster’ (organizer) and ‘teachers’ (representatives from MaTIC and TTGDMY) before ‘students’ (participants) were allowed to play respective game of choice. Each student can collect a stamp on their passport upon completing one board or card game and after 10 stamps were collected, the student will stand a chance to win a set of any participating local board/card games.

Despite kicking off on a beautiful sunny afternoon in an open space facing the majestic Petronas Twin Towers, Murphy’s law (whatever can go wrong will go wrong) dictated that it will rain cats and dogs an hour into the event. Before too long, the venue started flooding as well.

Nevertheless, this did not deter the crowd who, like the rain, kept pouring in! Our gaming sessions ran back to back. Fortunately, the rain was only brief. We were delighted to receive positive feedback from the participants, with many expressed that they were able to take away  some awareness and lessons on our marine environment.

The event went on smoothly and filled with laughter and singing towards the end. #GameOnLah was concluded with prize giving ceremony and Ahmad Naqib was one of the lucky winners to win a deck of Reef Stakes! Congratulations to Naqib and we hope that you will enjoy playing it with your family and friends.

Reef Stakes would like to give a big shout out to Wei Rong, Hareez and Liyana who volunteered to man our booth and the gaming sessions. Not to forget, we would like to thank LOCCO, TTGDMY and MaTIC for organizing this memorable event.

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