Reef Stakes®: Embracing the new normal

The Movement Control Order has now become the #NewNormal. Allow us to share six (6) tips while we reexamine our relationship with the marine environment in these very trying times.


DAY 58《Food Supplies Well Stocked》
Do you remember when MCO started 2 months ago, many were worried about food supplies and bread became hard to get? Some bread was even thrown away because expired! As we embrace the new normal we became more cautious in buying enough and not wasting. Hence, let’s keep this new normal all the way!
If we avoid over-buying, the demand gets reduced. Same goes for seafood. If the demand becomes less, we will have more fish stock for the future. Marine animals will also have their natural food supplies well stocked in the ocean. So there‘s no need to feed them (especially bread)! To understand why we must avoid feeding marine animals, do check out Green Fins for more info!
DAY 59《Stay At Home 🏡
Another new normal during this MCO is to stay at home to save lives by preventing the spread of virus.
So to honour the 15th Annual Endangered Species Day, let us continue this new normal for the marine animals too, by letting them stay at their own homes! NEVER 🚫 take any marine animals out from the ocean🌊!
One of endangered species in the ocean is the seahorses. Besides their house being destroyed🏚, they are also threatened by fishing bycatch and then being sold for traditional chinese medicine, aquarium and as souvenirs! Research have estimated that 37 million seahorses are removed from the ocean every year 😱! To know more about the seahorses in Malaysia & what can you do to protect them, please visit Save Our Seahorses Malaysia!

DAY 62《No Touching》

As Malaysians, hand greetings 🤝 is a very common and courteous way of greeting each other. Now, we have to embrace the awkwardness in this new normal of just putting our hand on the chest instead of the usual hand greetings.
However, what is definitely not awkward and must be continued in this new normal is to avoid touching 🚫any marine organisms! Any physical contact with marine organisms not only risk harming yourself, but to the organisms as well. Without touching, you can protect them from harm too. If you want to know more about how to protect them, especially coral reefs, do check out Reef Check Malaysia !
DAY 64《Maintain Good Hygiene》
These days in the new normal, we are constantly reminded to maintain good personal hygiene to curb the spread of virus. This actually applies to maintaining good hygiene of the environment too! Hence, if you haven’t already, then let this new normal be your lifestyle now by stop littering, reduce single use items,, reuse, recycle and segregate your wastes!

These new habits can reduce ocean pollution as well. So let’s do our part & live this new normal! If you are keen to take part in cleaning up the environment, lookout for

DAY 65《No Crowding》
For public safety, we must practise no crowding, hence no big celebrations are allowed. This is another new normal we must embrace.
However, no crowding can be a way to celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity! How? By avoiding crowding on rare animals whenever you encounter one! Malaysia 🇲🇾 is blessed with high Biodiversity & is home to some of the rare marine animals such as Dugong! If you are lucky enough to encounter a dugong on a trip to the sea 🌊, celebrate your observation not crowding around it and take photo 📸from a safe distance.
Keen to know more about Dugong? Ask MareCet about them! Happy Biodiversity Day!
DAY 66《So-shell Distancing》
As we move on with our lives during MCO & CMCO, we have started to embrace the new normal. So why don’t we continue to practise this new normal while on a nature excursion next time!
In conjunction with World Turtle Day on May 23, let’s pledge to keep a safe social distancing everytime when you encounter a turtle or a river terrappin so that you can fully enjoy the precious moment, while avoiding stressing out the animals. To know more about safe encounter of turtles or river terrapins, you may refer to Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia !

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