Friends of Reef Stakes

Chu Szi Wei

Freelance Photographer

Szi Wei helps Reef Stakes capture stunning images of products and events. A born and bred Malaysian, he started street photography as a hobby but now admits his addiction for visual narration via analog lenses. Film emulsion is his preferred medium of art as he believes there is a presence in the film which can never be achieved or matched with digital cameras. For a view of his works you can visit his Instagram page @chusziwei. Inquiries about his photography (digital or film), can be directed to or +60183860938.





    The vibrant and mellow illustrations of Reef Stakes Card Game and other collaterals is designed no other by Juariah Hafsya. A Marine Biologist herself, Juariah loves creative design thinking. She aspires to nurture the public’s knowledge on the marine environment by structuring information and innovating graphics that would not only appeal to one’s eye but also to one’s mind. She has worked on numerous project designs involving marine scientific conferences, symposiums, expeditions and museums. Bubbly and fun to work with, we are grateful to have Juariah on board with us!