Our Story

The story of Reef Stakes began, like many good stories, in a fast food outlet in downtown Petaling Jaya.

Our Events Manager, Hui Ling had just come back from the YSEALI Go NGO workshop where she was given a small grant to either develop herself through a course or create a project that would address an issue that she was passionate about.

Upon her return, she contacted Edmund and Serena  for ideas. They roped Quek  for a brainstorming session. On the 11th of July, the team assembled (very much like the Avengers but with more flair) for the first time in A&W Petaling Jaya and, like they say, the rest is history.

Our first meeting

Edmund and Serena had attended YSEALI Oceans Workshop the year before where the former created a basic marine building block card game. The team agreed to take this idea one step further and discussed possible game mechanisms. Once a game concept was agreed, the prototype was printed and the team started beta testing with close friends.

In late 2017, the opportunity arose to gather more funding for the project through a 2018 YSEALI Seeds Grant. The application was successful. Quek and Serena were sent to attend the launch workshop which provided the team with planning materials and direction.

Hard work, commitment and undying passion is what drives the team.

The journey continues….