Reef Stakes®, Really Syiok!

The owners of Nusantara Archipelago need your help! Should the founders develop or conserve its natural resources? The decision is in your hands.

Why Reef Stakes®?

Winner of the 8th International Educational Games Competition, Reef Stakes® is the first marine themed role-playing card game in Malaysia. The game is designed to simulate real-life stakeholder relationships, introduce some of Malaysia’s most iconic marine species and highlight threats to coral reefs.

Group Game

The Reef Stakes® game format encourages interaction between players. Players debate, argue even sabotage before collectively decide the future of the reef.


The Reef Stakes® game makes information on the marine environment accessible. A layperson will be exposed to marine issues while an expert would enjoy the hands-on content.


The Reef Stakes® game offers endless hours of strategizing to complete the missions. Alliances will be built, friendships will be put to the test.


The Reef Stakes® game comes in compact packaging. Fits into your business or leisure trip luggage all the same.

Wide audience

The Reef Stakes® game is designed for a large crowd. A perfect entry point for environmental education across all ages.

Real Issues

The Reef Stakes® game brings to light real life issues that our marine environment is facing. Players will learn how to make a difference.


A glimpse of what we've been up to

Join us!

We're expanding and will be on the look out for opportunities. This is how you can be involved!


We need your magic. You can volunteer your time be it at one of our outreach events or to design our educational materials.


We work with everyone. Tell us how Reef Stakes can help you! We want to spread this educational resource to as many people as we can.


We're growing. And we need all the help we can get! We welcome any contributions to bring the game to greater hights

Our Team

The people behind Reef Stakes

Edmund Lau Chai Ming

Edmund is the Reef Stakes’ game concept and designs guy. A beach boy from Port Dickson, he considers the sea as his playground. Passion for corals reefs has guided him to a Masters in Mangrove-Coral Reef connectivity and is now a Programme Manager with Reef Check Malaysia. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies and football; especially when Negeri Sembilan, Leeds United and Argentina are playing.

Liew Hui Ling

Hui Ling is currently event and media relations manager of the Reef Stakes project. A graduate in Marine Science, she formerly took on roles in Communications and Marine Conservation at WWF-Malaysia. Currently, her full-time work and project commitments involve coordination and management of people and events. Her creative outlets include designing print media and electronic media. She has recently discovered the fascinating world of podcasts and aspires to emulate the voice talents in the not too distant future.

Quek Yew Aun

Yew Aun handles Reef Stakes’ strategy and content writing. Currently in the civil service, he read Aquatic Biology at university and went on to pursue an MSc. in Biodiversity & Conservation at Brasenose College. He enjoys scuba diving, movies and prefers dates over raisins. Yew Aun is a strong believer in the power of naps and writes in his free time.


The youngest in the team, Serena takes on a communication role. She ensures that Reef Stakes makes waves in the media and reaches the intended audience. A graduate in Marine Biology, she currently spearheads shark conservation in WWF-Malaysia and believes that giving back to Mother Nature is everyone’s duty. She snacks on Nasi Lemak everyday (almost) and enjoys brewing her cup of coffee while listening to the daily show by Trevor Noah. Her ambition in life is to be a Yogi but admits to procrastinate too much on that thought.


Reef stakes is a great game for all age groups. It is educational, fun and spreads awareness of realistic scenarios that are affecting our marine environment. Reef Stakes is unique, easy to pick up, travel friendly and promotes replayability, suitable for those with none to minimal card game experience. Highly recommended.

Dr. Adam Lim

It’s a terrific, fun game of strategy and sometimes compromise, both of which are drivers in real-life conservation.

Siew Lyn

Had a blast playing this game. It challenges your mind, sharpens your negotiation skills and is an amazing tool to teach people about coral reefs, conservation, and development. Incredible how the game captures real life situations onto a board.

Alvin Chelliah

Reef Stakes is fun and educational! A card game unlike any other, and first of it’s kind. An innovative way to spread awareness about coral reef protection and marine environment. Thoroughly engaging and thought stimulating - a game that is beneficial to all ages.

Jasmine Irisha Jim Ilham

A great game where players get to experience different challenges faced by the community as growth, development and conservation collide

Wong Si Peng

My friends and I really enjoyed playing this game! It was quick to set up and easy to understand. Love the comprehensive narrative too - I am all for spreading awareness in a fun context where people can quickly pick up and appreciate marine environmental issues.

Mira Ajib

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Reef Stakes® , Really Syiok!