A small team was assembled to carry out Project Reef Spawn. Known as the polyps, we hope to bud off some amazing planulae and broadcast marine messages to Malaysia and beyond!

Quek Yew Aun

Project Lead and Logistics

Quek is the project lead for Reef Spawn and co-founder of Reef Stakes®. He enjoys scuba diving, movies and prefers dates over raisins. Quek is a strong believer in the power of naps and writes in his free time.

Howard Tan Jun Hao

Secretary and External Relations

A pharmacist working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Howard is also a keen scuba diver and lover of all things aquatic. He believes environmental conservation should be a shared responsibility among all citizens of the Earth.

Serena Adam Chua

Treasurer and Communications

Serena has been with WWF-Malaysia for 5 years, she spearheads shark conservation that includes research coordination, bycatch mitigation initiatives and monitoring of sharks and rays in marine protected areas (MPAs). In her free time, she likes to brew a cup of coffee and watch horror or thriller movies. She aspires to be a professional freediving instructor someday but has procrastinated too much on that thought.

Natasha Zulaikha binti Zahirudin

Participant Manager

Natasha is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham Malaysia studying human-elephant conflicts. During her free time, she enjoys good music, cooking good food and diving. You could also find her sharing a lot of conservation content on Twitter and Instagram.

Chow Mei Mei

Educational Content Manager

Mei Mei is a Programme Officer (Training and Capacity Building) in TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, working on educating the transport sector about wildlife trafficking. She has experience working in the field as a wildlife researcher, an environmental policy researcher at a government-linked company, and a creative brand planner/copywriter at an advertising agency. In her free time, she dives into the depth of peculiar music, specialty coffee, and of course – the wondrous ocean.

Edmund Lau Chai Ming

Educational Content Manager

Edmund is currently managing the EcoAction programme and conservation management projects at Reef Check Malaysia. Outside the conservation realm, he is a coffee kaki and enjoys watching movies or wuxia dramas. While he roots for the national and Negeri Sembilan teams in local football scene, he is a diehard Leeds United fan since 1998.